South Africa is on the brink of a “reverse apartheid” that could make the country ‘white-free’ by 2050. Thousands of white Afrikaners are “fleeing for their lives” amid rising violence, racial segregation and political and economic discrimination; REVERSE- APARTHEID.

Five million white nationals, Boers and Afrikaners – 50 per cent of the entire white population – have left South Africa as a result of the ruling African Congress Party (ANC).

Those who remain face losing their homes and livelihoods under Zimbabwe-like plans by the ANC to grab the land of non-blacks without compensation.
  Daily Mirror & London Economics

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   My Book APARTHEID: THE BLAME - PAST & PRESENT is jam-packed with real-life stories. It uncovers the real architects behind APARTHEID. Europe and Britain brought Apartheid to Africa. I was born into Apartheid. In fact, my life spans white minority Apartheid and Post-Apartheid; a journey inside the Apartheid bubble, that switched discrimination, from black to white.
   The Afrikaner Nation is blamed unfairly as the sole culprit for Apartheid. The real creators of APARTHEID are the European nations and specifically BRITAIN.
The corrupt African National Congress (ANC) government disturbingly supports communism.  It turns a blind eye to black-on-white hate crimes.    Apartheid did not end, it just changed faces: 
  Why write: APARTHEID: The Blame, Past, and Present? 
   Eureka! Finally, South Africa democratised! After more than five centuries of exploitation, the country is free! Nelson Mandela’s dream of a Rainbow Nation, as coined by Desmond Tutu, gave hope to the people. South Africa will have peace and tranquillity. The nation will have a future as colourful as the rainbow.
   News Flash:
   Two decades of ANC rule, no Rainbow Nation. Today, South Africa is still segregated. It has a non-white population more miserable than ever. The country suffers arguably the worst inequalities in the world.  The situation is worse than under the minority Afrikaner Apartheid governance.
‘Sins of the fathers’ passed onto contemporary Free-born and Innocent generations. Apartheid had been around ever since the Slave Trade and Europe’s Imperial Expansion.
Apartheid is the term associated with ‘keeping people apart and imparting hatred’. In modern politics it is a revolting term; almost a swear-word. Apartheid’s specific characteristics are oppression, subjugation, and human rights abuses; in a nut-shell, discrimination by a superior ethnic group onto a subordinate people.
Jan Cronje, the author of Apartheid: The Blame – Past and Present, lived within the South African Apartheid bubble, all his life. Even after moving to England, in the Post-Apartheid era, he upheld close ties with South Africa. He continued investigating and observing developments in his country of birth. Research on the book exposes Britain entering Africa as slave traders and later as imperialistic conquerors. During the Anglo-Boer-War, Britain annihilated 15% of the Afrikaner nation and deprived the Afrikaner country of two sovereign Republics. The purpose? To exploit South Africa’s mineral wealth. Fifteen years after the Anglo-Boer-War, Britain pledged non-interference in ex-colonial affairs under the Balfour Declaration. Did Britain endeavour to wash their hands off the wrongs of Imperialism?
Peter Hain and Jeremy Corbyn was instrumental in turning South Africa into a violent and failed state. Black criminal bands murder white farmers in a delusional dewhiting process; endeavouring to remove colonial remnants from Africa.] In the late 1960’s Britain broke the Balfour pledge. British Action South Africa (ACTSA), fronted by British Lord Peter Hain, and supported by Labour politicians, the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, entered South African politics. In 1994 ACTSA was instrumental in the overthrow of the Apartheid government.
ACTSA’s activism succeeded in transforming South Africa, from the most successful country south of the Sahara, into a violent, corrupt and failed state under ANC governance. Thanks to Peter Hain and his ACTSA movement, South Africa today is an extreme failed state. Democratised South Africa turned violent. Black criminals murder white South Africans in a delusional dewhiting process. Black murderous gangs endeavour to remove the European leftovers of colonialism from South Africa. The Author heavily criticises the land-claim and hate crimes by rebellious black bands on the rampage.
Africa do not Learn from Past Mistakes
The atrocious Mugabe regime mayhem that destroyed Zimbabwe resounds in South Africa. Africa seems to be unable to learn from past debacles. So-called liberated and democratic African governments continue to ruin their countries; steal from their people and impoverish their nation. The ruling and communist inclined ANC government turns a blind eye and even participate in the black-on-white hate-crimes. The contemporary relevance of the book is emphasised by recent developments materialising within two months after publicising Apartheid: The Blame – Past and Present.
Shortly after Jacob Zuma was ousted as President, the Parliament under Cyril Ramaphosa decided to change the constitution to enable the ANC to expropriate white- owned land without compensation.
[Note: Africans were nomadic and never claimed land as owned property. Europeans occupied land sanctioned by conventions. Apartheid and land ownership were legalised as Statutes of Westminster.] 
The resolution caused an uproar in the western world; America, Britain Australia and the European Union threatens the ANC with sanctions and embargos, should they go ahead and give effect to this gullible policy.
All his life the Author was troubled by the white Afrikaner being blamed for Apartheid by the international world. Apartheid is the sins of the fathers handed down onto the freeborn generations of today. And the authentic Fathers were not white Afrikaners but Slave Traders and Imperialists; the real Apartheid Architects that invaded the developing so-called third-world; aka Africa. The author was born into- and grew up in an Afrikaner-Apartheid family. His ancestors created the White-Minority-Afrikaner-Apartheid-Regime of the late 1940’s. The Author shared his life with people of colour; memories he describes with a sense of nostalgia, humour and passion. His wish for the contemporary South African young generation is to inherit a similar and enjoyable life.
African Land Ownership: False Claims by Africans
African tribes were nomadic and never formally claimed the land as belonging to tribes or individuals; they considered land as belonging to anybody and everybody. A market economy was alien to Africans. The arrival of the Dutch, followed by the French Huguenot’s and the British in 1806, gave rise to change and inter-ethnic conflict. The grievances between the Boer-Afrikaner nation, British occupiers and the African people, served as the springboard for 20th-century Apartheid policies. The Author elucidates these discords as the motivation for segregation in the form of Apartheid. He revisits not only the origin of the characteristics of Apartheid but also ownership of the African land.  The Author researched why Europeans came to Africa; also how Africans populated South Africa? Documentation of the history of Africans is scant; they arrived in South Africa before the Europeans. Historical records of European settlement is extensive and freely available.
Europeans occupied most of Africa since the 15th century. The Berlin Conference of 1884 sanctioned European ownership. By 1905, Europe occupied most of the African continent. In 1894 Britain passed the first South African Apartheid- and land ownership laws as Statutes of Westminster. Britain created Reserves for Africans, no ownership of land for people of colour; they had to pay to live on the land. The legislation barred Africans from residing on white occupied land. Britain banned racial intermingling by law. The Atlantic Charter of 1941 demarcated and allocated colonies to the various European nations. Ex-British-colonies are still bound to Britain regarding the British Common Wealth.
The West still exploit the third world with modern ‘colonialism’. They bribe corrupt African politicians to access mineral reserves. In the process they steal from the developing African nations, leaving them impoverished. Ethnonationalism and contemporary Colonialism continues to mar modern-day societies.
The Author attributes terrorism and hate-crimes to imperialism-pay-back. An additional contributory factor he ascribes as the new face of Apartheid; Ethnonationalism. A dispensation separating ethnic groups; ‘kept apart’ and imparting racial tension, ‘hatred’. The recent migrant crisis in Europe exacerbated Ethnonationalism.  Industrialised western countries still exploit the developing world in a modern form of ‘colonialism’. Both the capitalists and the corrupt African politicians steal from the developing African nations and leave them impoverished. There are negligible mining operations in Britain. But British mining flourishes in third world countries. The book Apartheid: The Blame – Past and Present, is jam-packed with stories from the Author’s life under Apartheid. In fact, it is a journey within the bubble of Apartheid. It switched discrimination away from black people. Today discrimination focusses on white people. Apartheid did not end in 1994. It just transformed into reverse-Apartheid and discrimination. Considering the role the West played during Imperialism, their absence and silence on contemporary South African issues are astounding. Readers will enjoy the journey in contemporary South Africa. The Author soothes the dark picture with some entertaining personal life experiences; there are some good laughs among the stark realities.
      In South Africa, it is hate crimes and farm murders. In the rest of the world, it is terrorism and ISIS, Boko Haram and the like.  
   Compounding the dilemma, the Jihadi fundamentalists and ISIS supporters, hate the West. They will continue instigating and carrying out terrorist activities. ISIS has a different agenda and does not act solely on Imperial disgruntlement. ISIS  is set on a WEST FREE MUSLIM CALIPHATE.