South Africa is on the brink of a “reverse apartheid” that could make the country ‘white-free’ by 2050. Thousands of white Afrikaners are “fleeing for their lives” amid rising violence, racial segregation and political and economic discrimination; REVERSE- APARTHEID.

Five million white nationals, Boers and Afrikaners – 50 per cent of the entire white population – have left South Africa as a result of the ruling African Congress Party (ANC).

Those who remain face losing their homes and livelihoods under Zimbabwe-like plans by the ANC to grab the land of non-blacks without compensation.
  Daily Mirror & London Economics

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  The Author, Jan Cronje is a white Afrikaner-born South African. He compiled the book Apartheid: The Blame Past and Present from the perspective of a member of the Afrikaner people; a young- and the only European nation that matured on African soil; internationally recognized in 1924.
Jan was brought up as a child in a white Afrikaner family who supported and even participated in the creation of the white Afrikaner Apartheid regime. He spent 22 years of his career-life as a civil defence officer applying the Apartheid regulations and legislation. In later years he studied International politics and opposed Apartheid. He published his Master’s Degree (MPA) script criticising the white-minority National government and commending liberation movements, initiated by the people of colour.   His supposition was that the white regime’s civil defence was a false-hybrid-version while the liberation movements practiced an authentic version of civil defence. 

 For criticising the Apartheid Government he was ousted from his career; informally blacklisted by the Apartheid Bureaucracy. They labeled him an enemy of the white Apartheid government.
Jan enjoyed and write about the presence and companionship with people of colour all his life and recall many fond memories. His wish is that all South Africans, irrespective of colour or creed, should go through similar pleasant feelings and memories in their country of birth.
The book Apartheid: The Blame – Past and Present contain nostalgic descriptions of Jan’s life living among all ethnicities. He extensively covers examples of discrimination and takes serious issue with the mistreatment of people of colour during the white apartheid years; in fact he find mistreatment and hate-crimes per se abhorrent.
Conversely, to white Apartheid, the progression of crueler and atrocious hate-crimes committed against white people, in the Post-Apartheid era is a matter of serious concern for Jan. He defines the actions of black murder gangs as genocidal crimes; their purpose is to dewhite and decolonise South Africa.
Jan acknowledges the white Apartheid regime blame during their term of office (1948 to 1994). He has no doubt, Apartheid had to go.
But, Apartheid is not the creation of the Afrikaner. The characteristics of Apartheid were present since 1652. Oppression, subjugation and human rights abuses; these were part and parcel of imperialism and slavery. These features were introduced to Africa by Imperialists and Slave Traders ever since the 15th century; they are the authentic creators and architects of Apartheid. Ultimately, Jan questions the decisive and critical blame placed on the Afrikaner nation by the international community.
He concludes that the Afrikaner nation just extrapolated the atrocity of Apartheid into a constitutional format. Jan takes serious issue with the sole-international blame for Apartheid. But, he also questions the delusional progression of Apartheid by the white minority National Party government.
   After seven decades he decided to write his book: ‘APARTHEID: THE BLAME, PAST, AND PRESENT.  
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